Celebrating 10 Years in Bray


A Celebration of Seasonal Italian Eating…
It’s been 10 years since we threw open the doors of Caldesi in Campagna our ‘rural idyll’ in the culinary mecca of Bray on Thames. In that 10 years we’ve made loads of friends and introduced our authentic seasonal Italian regional food to literally thousands of people.  It’s been a wonderful journey and we …

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Seasonal Cookery – Artichokes Roman Style

artichokes ala romana copy

Artichokes are in season and one of my Instagram followers was asking recently what to do with his crop when harvest time arrives. You’ll all be familiar with the jars of artichoke hearts preserved in oil available in the Italian aisle at supermarkets and they’re pretty easy to make at home. If you’re interested in having a go see our …

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A Summer Favourite…

IMG_5408 copy

What can I make for a family supper or a summer party this weekend?
One of our favourites at this time of the year is our version of “Chicken Shawarma”. As not the most disciplined gardener all my lettuces come at once and I am always looking for ways of using the leaves.
‘Shawarma’ means ‘turning’ in Turkish and really …

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Magic Muffins and the Low-Carb Low-Down…


As part of our Sunday Sessions at Caffe Caldesi we’ve been running a series of foodie talks and feasts, the most recent of which was an exploration of the benefits of cutting out the carbs.
We were joined by TV’s ‘Low-Carb GP’ Dr David Unwin and his wife and psychologist Dr Jen Unwin for a ‘Low-Down on Low-Carb’ …

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Giancarlo’s ‘Finger Lickin’ Crispy Chicken

IMG_4009 copy

When Giancarlo found out that he could no longer have gluten in his diet he made it his quest to create the best tasting gluten free versions of the food he loves. One of his guilty pleasure is ‘Southern Fried Chicken’ which he’ll often cook up on a rare Sunday off and enjoy while watching the Formula 1 racing and …

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A Fresh Start…scrambled eggs with a twist


Combining celery leaves, so often discarded, and scrambled eggs yesterday whisked up a simple and healthy start to the day.
It’s so quick and easy to make and served on a slice of sourdough toast it’s become a family favourite.
Step 1:-
Take a couple eggs, celery leaves, salt and ground black pepper and some sough dough bread.

Step …

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A quick chicken stew with a little Venetian spice…

Ginger Chicken copy 2

We came across this recipe for a Venetian take on a chicken stew when researching our book ‘Venice – Recipes Lost and Found’. It is a version of a medieval recipe written in the 1300’s which harks back to the time when Venice was the centre of Europe’s spice trade. It comes from a book called Libro per Cuoco (Book …

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Central Heating The Venetian Way

GH9A9171CaldesiVenice copy 2

Keep the winter chills at bay with this recipe for a soup we enjoyed while researching our cook book ‘Venice – Recipes Lost and Found’ . It’s a very satisfying, tasty way of supplying some much needed ‘central heating’ on days when not even the dog wants to go outside.
Zuppa di Orzo, Castagne e Pancetta
Bacon, Chestnut and Barley …

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Time for Timballo!

Sicily38383_Timbello copy 3

This is a recipe from ‘Sicily – Recipes from an Italian Island’ our latest book of the regional food of Italy. It’s one of those dishes that is so unctuous and satisfying that even the most dedicated carnivore will forget that there is no meat in the recipe. It’s the perfect celebration dish for any vegetarians in the family as …

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Wonderfully Warming For Winter…

Sicily38474_SlowCookedRagu copy 2

As the mild start to the season has come to an end and we’re starting to feel a chill in the air I thought it would be the ideal time to share this wonderful recipe from our latest book ‘Sicily – Recipes from and Italian Island’. It’s complete comfort food, ‘rib sticking’, warming and the perfect antidote to the winter …

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